Digital Communication in the Workplace

1 min read
Dec 2, 2020 3:04:57 PM

There are various responsibilities that go with digital communication in the workplace. Emails and texts have to be written clearly with correct grammar and punctuation to prevent any confusion. The word choice has to be specific so that there is no misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the communication. If a workplace email is written poorly with misspelled words and inaccurate punctuation, the message might be misunderstood by the recipient and they could do something that negatively affects the company. People don’t usually take the time to clarify poorly written work emails or texts and this can cause confusion. If they do the opposite of what the sender intended, they could be responsible for the error. It is always best to clarify any confusing business emails or texts to avoid taking responsibility for another person’s mistake.

Another problem that results from sending careless emails in the workplace is that they can reflect negatively on the person sending the message. A person in a leadership position wants to be respected and trusted by the people who work there. When an employee gets a poorly written email from their boss, it can result in a lack of confidence and trust in the employer. It can also make the employee nervous because they don’t want to question the communication and annoy the boss. Employers are often not happy about learning from their mistakes from an employee. So it is always best to review work emails and messages carefully to make sure the intent is clearly understood.