HR Solutions

HR Solutions

HR Solutions

It’s time to take control of your human resource management! Our HR solutions help you manage your employees and keep track of I-9 expirations, license expirations, performance reviews, property tracking, emergency contacts and more. Start increasing your team’s productivity by gaining new insights. Our HR tracking software gives you the freedom to focus on growing your business.

HR Solutions Include
  • I-9 expiration tracking
  • Attendance tracking
  • Property tracking
  • Injury occurrence tracking
  • Emergency contacts
  • License expiration tracking
  • Performance reviews
  • Document upload and management

Advanced HR

For those who need more. Our Advanced HR services have an array of products and services to fully support your Human Resource Management. Our professionals have the expertise to manage the complexities of human resources-with personal service that is second-to-none.

Advanced HR Services Include

Applicant Tracking
  • Online tracking of applications
  • Direct hire feature to seamlessly populate employee demographic information into Evolution
  • Statistical reporting
Expense Reporting
  • Record and track A/P expenses
Document Vault
  • Upload and store HR documents
Performance Reviews
  • Monitor and track employee performance reviews
  • Follow-up on recommendations
  • Track employee pay raises

Start automating your HR processes with Trivantus today!