Combating Productivity Killers

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Oct 26, 2018 1:49:40 PM

The workplace still comes with all sorts of distractions even though it is just that, the workplace. An environment where productivity should be written all over it, there is a good chance that productivity can be hard to come by due to common distractions and disturbances. Here are five common productivity killers and ways to combat them:

Distracting Co-Workers

Noise and chit-chat. Two common distractions that can take us easily off track. There are a lot of factors at play that can heighten the distractions Close quarters cubicles, projects that involved co-workers working closely together, the water bubbler too close to a workstation, etc… Chatting with another co-worker can be positive and negative. Finding the right time to spark a conversation with your co-worker can create stronger relationships in the office and boost morale. The wrong time can be a nuisance to others in earshot.

Snack and Meal Choice

Constant snacking could be a productivity killer, or could it be an energy booster? Your food of choice has a great impact on your mood and levels of energy. It isn’t the break that stops the forward momentum. Choosing better snacks and meal options can provide you with great energy benefits that actually increase productivity, boosting mood and energy.


A well-structured meeting has a great purpose, but there are reasons why employees dread meetings. A meeting that feels like it has no end can leave the team groggy and behind schedule. Prepare your meeting in advance, be on time, have an agenda, and stay on topic!


Have you tracked how much time you spend managing your inbox or deciphering a colleagues email? Emails can weigh us down and cause us to lose track of our own tasks. There are ways to combat this productivity killer: set aside time to manage your inbox, set an example yourself and write out clear and direct emails when responding, and make sure you don’t let spam clog your inbox. Click unsubscribe when necessary!

Social Media and Internet Shopping

The internet can be a severe time waster. Ask yourself a simple question when typing in the URL you are about to visit, Is this necessary for my task? If you have a hard time determining which sites are appropriate for the workplace, consider site blocking commonly visited sites.