The Difference Between a Leader and a Manager

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Nov 5, 2020 10:31:34 AM

It’s important to understand the different skills required to be both a manager and a leader. While a leader may have a vision, it’s the manager’s job to carry it out. By focusing on the corporate mission, a manager can plan objectives to achieve specific goals. A manager becomes more of a leader by enforcing corporate policies while decreasing risk and loss. There are always occurrences that will interfere with the smooth running of the business and a manager must be prepared for these challenges. A calm personality always helps because if a manager is angry and upset, the employees will be too. Managers become leaders when they develop effective communication skills. Having a sense of humor and empathy also helps when trying to understand how to motivate employees in a positive environment.

A leader is a problem solver who helps the team develop a sense of pride by understanding that their contributions are important too. They reward good work and commitment while offering support to those who are struggling. Good managers with leadership skills stay positive and offer ideas for improvement in a cooperative and meaningful way. They set goals that are challenging and allow reasonable time to achieve them. Good managers become better leaders when they understand that asking questions is not a weakness and encourage employees to seek help when necessary. Talk things out when there are differences because silence breeds discontent. A manager can be more of a leader by building a team in a cooperative, positive way.

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