The Perfect Social Media Policy for your Company: How to Create it, and How to Implement it

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Jun 13, 2018 12:22:58 PM

Security breach – we hear a lot about them! Companies that do not have a successful social media policy are more likely susceptible to one. You may be thinking, does social media affect my businesses security? The simple answer is: yes. You’ll want to know how to create a policy that seeks to avoid the unfortunate issues that come with the modern digital age; how to make sure your employees understand and follow it.

A great way for your company to flourish is to have a solid online presence, and most companies have it. This way, you can easily communicate with your customers, find new ones and grow your business. This comes with risk. Your business has a lot of confidential information, and you’ll want to be sure it is secure. Your employees are a large part of that especially since they too are a part of social media. Let’s face it, everyone is.

Your social media account is a public presence that gets a lot of attention. Here is what you’ll want to make sure you include to protect yourself:

Who can speak on behalf of the company?

Everyone has an opinion and when we hide behind our phone or PC, we are more willing than ever to make sure our opinions are expressed, even negative ones. You’ll want to clearly define who can respond to these comments or posts and when.

What can and cannot be shared about the company.

You also trust your employees and share confidential information with them. Protect your business by setting strict limits on what an employee can share about the company, especially the limitations on information shared with them.

Information on fraud protection

Shed some light on how employees can protect their own accounts online. Providing these resources to your employees not only protects them, but also protects you.

Behavior with their own social media accounts

Most of us love who we work for, and there are a few who may have a bad image of their current employer. Either way, you’ll want to protect your presence through accounts that you can control. Implementing guidelines on what can be shared by your employees will protect your brand.


Provide information about your brand. This is a great opportunity for your employees to receive another lesson regarding your company and what it means to be a part of your business. Here, you can certainly provide what can be included on social media accounts, including ways your employees can boost sales and branding.



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