5 Ways to Not Make Your Employees Feel So Trapped in the Office During the Summer

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Jul 31, 2018 9:02:10 AM

Summer time means vacations, days are longer, and the weather is great for having a lot of outdoor fun. Being indoors while everyone else is enjoying the warm weather isn’t fun. It’s no secret that your employees probably feel the same way. Where they are left daydreaming about the time that they could be having if they weren’t behind a desk, they are also becoming a little less motivated. We have all been there. Combating it can be done with a few easy changes around the office that can spark motivation.

1. The easiest way to enjoying the summertime at the office is to encourage your employees to enjoy the pleasant weather. Offering them the opportunity to go for a quick walk outdoors or eating their lunch outside provides fresh air and a change of pace.

2. Where the summer heat can be dreadful even indoors, plan a cold edible surprise during the week to cool down and break up the monotony. May we suggest popsicles?

3. Give away tickets to nearby events. Promote these events in the breakroom to get everyone excited for them.

4. Who says you can’t grill at work? Plan a couple of company lunches that include a grill and eating outside. This will give your employees ample opportunity to engage with each other and a chance for some fresh air. Could we recommend a round of corn hole?

5. Give your employees a change to start their weekend a few hours early. If you’ve ever been excited for something, you know the days leading up to the moment are difficult to handle. Often all of your employees plans are set for the weekend and sometimes include hosting quite a few people. This will also ease their worries and give them time to do what they need to do. Let’s face it. We are all excited for the weekend.

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