How Businesses Can Make the Best Use of Social Media – Part Two

2 min read
Nov 18, 2018 6:28:14 PM

The days of being limited to television and radio advertising are over. The internet has made it possible for communication to reach more people than ever before. If corporations continue to use social media effectively, they will establish more trust with consumers. It will also increase sales and customer satisfaction, two of the most important things that lead to the success of a business. It is obvious that technology has changed the way businesses communicate with consumers and that will continue. Technology has definitely changed society and it is time for people to realize this and adjust to the changes so they can keep pace with the rest of the world. This is important because if they don’t, they will be miss important information they need.

Corporations have different ways of trying to regain consumer confidence in their products after a recall or similar controversy. Many use social media to reach a wide audience and try to change the negative perception after a corporate crisis. Social media has expanded and millions of people log on every day to update their status or post a message. There is now a new wave in mass communication which has influenced many different aspects of society, especially the business world. Professionals on the go can conveniently use their Smartphones and text anywhere in the world. Multiple social media platforms are available, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to provide the means for millions of people to share information about themselves. They can now let the world know what they are thinking, feeling and also products they are buying. It is also an important way for businesses to reach people to repair the damage done by negative publicity, ineffective advertising and recalls. An unethical communications practice that is found in social media is the publishing of fake news on several media platforms as a way to create a change in public opinion about a certain topic or important subject. People deserve the truth and have to figure out a way to tell the difference between what is real news and what is fake news so they can make the right decisions concerning the matter. It is also the social media platform’s responsibility to publish only what is true so they don’t confuse people and cause them to make bad decisions. Because of the fake news that affected the last presidential election, Facebook and other social media platforms have changed their policy about fake news.

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