Internet Technology Still Presents Challenges

1 min read
Aug 10, 2020 1:22:40 PM

Usability testing is necessary to increase reliability for mobile devices and web applications. An important test for apps is the memory test. This is necessary when an application does not effectively manage the memory it is allotted, causing the app and the system to run slowly. Apps also need to be tested to increase functionality during incoming calls so the app doesn’t stall or freeze. Usability testing will also help to gauge responses from users and make sure the app is user friendly. Since there are so many different types of web applications and mobile devices, some uniformity is needed to ensure reliability. Usability testing will help to achieve that goal.

Installation testing is crucial to ensure that every app is successfully installed and that any updates can easily be downloaded. In order for a mobile device to receive a certificate of compliance, each device has to be tested to make sure it is following the guidelines. One of the most important tests to be completed is the security test which checks data security, authentication and authorization policies. Finally, download testing is crucial. When people are loading applications simultaneously, delays can often occur. Testing can determine the causes for loading delays and why crashes happen.

Although internet technology still presents challenges, there are viable solutions. Usability testing will make sure that mobile phones and web applications are always safe, secure and operating at full capacity. Setting the necessary guidelines require uniform agreement regarding the kind of performance capabilities each mobile device and app are expected to have. Periodic usability testing will improve the quality of internet technology and of the mobile communication industry itself. It will also make room for future breakthroughs to prepare for the next wave of new technology on the horizon.

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