Creative Problem Solving for Managers

1 min read
Aug 10, 2020 1:20:54 PM

Creative problem-solving techniques can help managers establish a more productive work environment and improve staff morale. One of the major problems for managers is that they may not be aware of effective methods to reduce problems with their staff. They may instead resort to negative reprimands which result in even more dissension. Managers can take a more positive approach to problem-solving and include employees in the process. These ideas will help increase productivity and create a positive work environment.

See what I mean? Switch roles with the person you are having a conflict with and take their side. This exercise helps people understand how different the situation is when the shoe is on the other foot. Discussing the issue from the other person’s perspective can help to reduce misunderstandings and patch old wounds.

Walk a mile in their shoes. Change the routine and give employees a break from their regular job. They can work in teams for a day to understand what each other does for the company. Giving people different responsibilities and schedules gives them a break from the monotony. For some, it will help them appreciate the job they have when they see what their co-workers are doing.

Ask for help. So much employee frustration is from not being able to ask for help. Ask everyone to write down what they need help with to make their job easier. Read each help request and discuss possible solutions. Follow through and provide the help they need.

I give up. If nothing else works, try this. Each employee starts by saying “I give up.” They then explain what happens now that they have given up. Do they know where they will go and what they will do? If yes, then it may be time to consider a change. If no, they might look for ways to be happy where they are.