What are Blogs Good for Anyways?

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Mar 12, 2019 12:20:43 PM

An important consideration when using a corporate blog for branding, marketing, or public relations purposes is to provide a compelling and consistent reader/customer experience by using the proper format and gearing the blog to the intended audience. Avoid rambling and maintain a direct focus and intent. Storytelling techniques in a narrative style are best. The blog should build to the story of the brand and the message in the blog should be made clear. The blogger should be familiar with the audience the blog is intended for, so they can connect with them by using appropriate word choice and language the reader can understand. This requires careful study of the intended audience before the blog is researched and written. A corporate blog is a communication to potential clients and care should be taken to reach the intended audience.

            Many people think corporate blogs are just unplanned ramblings to deliver basic information, but they are much more than that. A blog is an opportunity to connect with customers and the planning and writing of the blog is important. If the blog is unprofessional and too casual, the reader will just ignore it. The best advice is to plan the blog to meet specific objectives by telling a short story that the consumer can relate to. Then describe how the brand relates to the story and how it can help them. The specific objectives should be clear from the beginning. Make sure the focus is interesting and geared towards the intended audience. Ask hypothetical questions to get them to think. Finally, do a draft of the blog and have a co-worker preview it to get a second opinion before posting it. That way you can get objective advice to make sure all the elements are included so you can get the response you expect. If you plan the blog carefully, you will get positive results.