Universal Standards Apply to Real Life

1 min read
Dec 6, 2021 12:33:16 PM

There are many standards we live by which are considered universal when trying to solve a problem with reason and critical thinking. People forget sometimes to consider one of the most important standards which is logic. This is the rational decision that is arrived at based on what makes sense and can be proved to be the most probable solution. Many people use logic in math and science, but when it comes to real life they sometimes forget logic like it doesn’t exist. Instead they turn to other more accessible ways to solve a problem like the media or what they think everyone else is doing. Today’s “logic” seems to depend more on political views or personal bias. We don’t like to admit this, although it seems most people these days are on one side or the other. To further complicate the issue, opinions and actions are often enhanced by the media.

Let’s start to think for ourselves again and make our own decisions. Take your independence back and do what’s right instead of going along with a crowd that may be going in the wrong direction. The scientific fact remains that a conclusion which is valid is one that is logical. When all factors are weighed realistically, a reasonable decision can be made about what is logical and what isn’t. It is when people jump to conclusions which aren’t logical, that they find themselves confused, stressed, worried and sometimes at odds with their neighbor. If people keep an open mind and focus on fact, they can eliminate personal bias to make the world a happier and healthier place.