The Fall Season is a Time for Relaxation and Renewal

1 min read
Oct 4, 2021 9:03:58 AM

After a challenging summer with concerns about money, Covid and just trying to get along with others, it is time to take a deep breath and relax as autumn settles in. We know that society is now clearly divided, but the only thing we can do is set an example and not be consumed with the anger and frustration of so many. This Fall is the time to take care of yourself. I know that sounds a little selfish with everything else that is going on, but many of us are too stressed and angry these days to notice that our health is suffering because of it.

When we think we are in a situation where we don’t have control, because of Covid or neighbors being hateful just because they can, we take all that tension on and it usually leaves us feeling tired and angry. People don’t function well when this happens and it affects every part of their lives. Don’t let things that are out of your control bring you down by allowing others to make your life miserable. Take control of your anger and frustration, otherwise you can damage your mental and physical health. Find a way to forget all the negative forces in your life this autumn, and take time to get yourself back to where you need to be. Don’t let the haters bother you, because you need to take care of yourself.