How to Make Your Halloween Office Party a Blast for Everyone

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Oct 16, 2018 2:49:17 PM

There are less than two weeks until Halloween. Many offices and companies like to take this holiday (like many others) as a chance for employees to get together and have fun. Parties or small gatherings give your hard-working team a chance to get to know each other a little better and offers up something to look forward to (especially since Halloween lands on a Wednesday this year). It’s a small break in what could be a stressful time.

Take the time to say thank you. Your employees are striving for excellence every day! Where everyone may be congregating together in the break room for cupcakes, you can use this as an opportunity to thanks! This is a great time to boost morale.

Don’t force everyone take part. With each holiday, not everyone may celebrate. Some employees prefer not to take part in the activities. Be mindful of this and make sure everyone is aware that they have the chance to opt-out of the festivities.

Be positive and set your expectations early. With every party, there should be guidelines and policies in place. Kindly remind your employees in a friendly way that they are at a work function and they are still expected to behave accordingly.

Dress code. Halloween is a great time for an office party! However, we can expect there are reasons why you may be on the fence about hosting festivities this year. Set a Halloween specific dress code, or costume guidelines. Perhaps even give some examples.

Harassment policy reminders. Halloween is a notorious time for people celebrating to play pranks. While you are implementing costume guidelines, remind your employees of your ‘zero tolerance’ policy on harassment.

Plan an activity or two. Activities than involve groups can help to foster camaraderie and promote working together. Your activities don’t need to be large but getting everyone to work together or cheer each other on can create a positive environment.

Halloween is a holiday where many companies and offices are hesitant to celebrate but can be a great opportunity for celebration. Following these tips can help to ease the stress than can follow planning an event and make the day more enjoyable.

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