Cloud Computing is the Wave of the Future – Part 1

1 min read
Mar 8, 2021 1:48:52 PM

New challenges continue to emerge in cloud computing that will affect businesses for years to come. Important factors such as narrowing the race among public cloud providers and decreasing private cloud adoptions are new concerns for enterprises looking to optimize cloud cost. This puts cloud computing at the top of the priority list for corporate information technology departments. With the increase in cloud adoption, cloud governance continues to be the connection between an organization’s IT department and the businesses they impact. The percentage of those who use more than one cloud is growing, and public clouds are running at a higher than average rate.

Even though there are fewer companies using private clouds, companies can still run most of their workload split between public and private clouds. Workloads running in private clouds include those running in established virtual environments then changing to cloud applications. As the knowledge and growth of cloud providers and users increase, there will be a noticeable decrease in cloud challenges. Some executives are concerned about the lack of resources and quality expertise available for cloud training, especially with the number of unpredictable challenges they face. The cost of the cloud seems to be the major concern and challenge for most experienced cloud users. They are more focused on the issue and many companies are making it a top priority. They are also working to increase more of their total workload to the cloud.