Including a Dress Code Policy in your Handbook is a Set-Up for Success

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Jul 13, 2018 9:11:46 AM

Your employees get dressed every day of their lives. That’s a fact that most likely will never change. Choosing the right dress code policy for your employee handbook can be a struggle, however there are a lot of benefits to implementing one. The way you and your employees dress send a non-verbal message to themselves, your clients and customers, new hires, and even yourself. When an employer creates a standard set of guidelines for employees to follow, you are creating an environment that is working towards cohesion. The daily attire worn by those clocking in and out daily should follow your culture and your company goals.


Consider your clients. If your employees are customer facing, they are directly connecting the customer or client to your company. This means that your employee is representing your vision. Depending on your company’s goals, consider what the employee should wear to get your message across to the customer and assist in retaining that customer.


Employees feel more like they are a part of a team. When a policy is in place, this means everyone is following it and each person will look kind of similar. We are all human, and we tend to navigate towards those who are like us and we work best in groups.


The way you dress impacts the way you think about yourself. You may wish you were in sweatpants every day, but have you considered how you feel when you are in more professional attire? Productivity and personal perception are directly tied to what you wear. Employees are more productive when they follow the guidelines set by the employer and not so much when it is a choice.


Industries differ, and the dress code will certainly need to be adapted to your type of business. Putting it on paper is a start to solidifying your success.

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