This Summer is a Great Time to Relax and be Thankful

1 min read
Jun 2, 2021 1:36:42 PM

With the world in such an uproar lately, it seems almost impossible to live stress free. Even though the pandemic is slowing down, there seems to be an increase in crazy people doing crazy things. Sometimes reading the news seems more like reading Mad magazine, without the humor. If everyone just took a deep breath to consider how good they actually have it, the anger would subside. The social climate is often reflected in the business world as well. Frustration sometimes boils out of control on the office floor and the rest of your day is then filled with tension wondering who is going to be shouting next. That’s why we should consider this summer as a time to calm down and reflect on the past year to count our blessings. Remember, we survived a pandemic.

Use the time to be thankful and try to be more positive. Think about what your priorities were when you first started working and where they are now. Do you still have the same goals or have they changed? Is your perception of the world different from before the pandemic and how has that affected you emotionally? What can you do to be kinder to people? Taking positive steps to make the world and your job more peaceful will help you stay calm, so you can enjoy the summer with less stress. Wear a smile and you will most likely get one in return.