Save Gas by Adjusting

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Jun 6, 2022 3:38:43 PM

The energy crisis of the seventies should have taught us all how to adjust when oil and gas prices reach unreasonable levels. Car pooling, working at home and schedule adjusting was common and nobody seemed to have an issue with them. Today, the idea of car pooling wouldn’t work because people are still worried about Covid and we aren’t as sociable as we used to be. That doesn’t change the fact that car pooling did save energy. Adjusting schedules also helped because the flexibility made it easier for those with families and people with more than one job. So there are plenty of reasons to make slight changes in life to save gas and money.

We are by nature creatures of habit. We thrive when everything goes our way and fret when it doesn’t, but we always seem to find solutions for what ails us. We’ve learned through the years that sometimes the status quo just won’t do anymore and we need to adjust. There’s nothing we can do about world events or matters out of our control. The only thing we can control is our own actions. So the more we can do to conserve energy, the more there will be for everyone. Then we can just go about our business and prepare for the next thing to happen that causes us to adjust our comfort zone. That’s life. It’s unpredictable and challenging but since it’s all we got, let’s make the best of it.

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