The Value of Insurance

1 min read
Jun 6, 2022 3:41:17 PM

Many people think that insurance is a waste of money. The reasoning is based on their reluctance to pay for protection from something that may never happen. They live their lives hoping nothing bad will ever occur, but we know that is not a realistic expectation. There is always the unexpected. People can become ill and accidents do happen. When you realize the true value of insurance, it becomes not only a good idea but also an essential element in maintaining the standard of living your family is used to. A confident insurance advisor can provide guidance and peace of mind that whatever happens in your future, you and your family will always be financially protected.

Once you’ve been convinced that you need insurance, figuring out how much you need is the next step. Take into consideration all the expenses and the time frame involved to get the clearest picture. If you’re children are older, then you won’t need as much insurance since they will be joining the work force soon. If your children are younger, then more benefits may be needed to sustain their current standard of living. Replacing the main breadwinner’s income in case of something unexpected is always foremost on your insurance advisor’s agenda. Providing for the future of your family is more than just bringing home a weekly paycheck. It is making sure that if you are unable to work, your standard of living won’t change.