Team Leaders Set the Tone For Success

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Jan 17, 2019 4:21:35 PM

There are many factors to consider for optimal team functioning in today’s business world. A clear charter outlines the organization’s goals and includes the history and philosophy of the company. Each team member needs clearly defined goals and consistent communication channels. Time management is also another important factor. Team members need to know how much time they have to complete tasks. People whose job expectations are unrealistic or who aren’t given enough time to effectively do their job will eventually fail. Give employees the time they need to do manageable tasks and set goals that have merit to keep them motivated. The team also has to be accountable. That doesn’t mean living in fear of being fired, just understanding what is expected and realizing their responsibility for getting results.


Effective leaders are required to teach team competencies. They help companies succeed by using a combination of trait and process leadership styles. Reflect the traits you wish to see in your employees. Foster a culture of cooperation and respect in which everyone is a valued contributor by organizing activities and workshops that demonstrate corporate values. This will ensure that when others visit the workplace, they will sense a cooperative spirit in a work environment where there is mutual respect.


Establishing a team concept is crucial to maintaining the ideal work environment. Everyone should be eager to help with new ideas and express concerns when needed. Conveying a positive attitude and rewarding success creates an environment that motivates. If the leader empowers the team to be part of the process, teamwork will be obvious and the company will have a better chance of achieving long term success. Set fair and attainable goals for employees and be consistent with how to meet corporate standards. If team leaders remain focused, they will be able to create a cooperative work environment that everyone will be proud to be a part of.