In Business, Defining Self is no Simple Matter

1 min read
Oct 2, 2020 2:07:03 PM

Defining “self” is one of the most interesting and important psychological concepts to consider in the business world. Understanding how people perceive themselves can help generate new product ideas and trends. People strive for an ideal image of themselves based on their present and past experiences. Family, culture, education and experience influence our ability to build positive self-esteem. The fortunate few go through life in an uphill structured course with no obstacles. For others, the challenges are many and maintaining a positive self-image becomes more difficult, especially in the digital age.

The impact of social media on personality and self-concept is clear. With the advent of social media, consumer trends are affected even more with instant access to the influence of the world. This makes personal acceptance even more challenging because people can become consumed with the way they are perceived in social media and crave acceptance. It can affect shopping preferences, trends and styles as people strive to fit in. Paying attention to the pulse of society is a skill that every successful executive should have.

Ad campaigns and new product lines can be based on trends that originate on social media. Paying attention to the ebb and flow of social media can help businesses maintain relevance in this ever changing world. Consumers can be emotional buyers when things are normal. When they are stressed, it is even more obvious. The sooner business professionals understand that, the better chance they will have at success.