A Growth Mindset Can Lead to Success

1 min read
Apr 5, 2021 12:13:08 PM

Business leaders with a fixed mindset can put too much pressure on themselves and the people they work with to be successful. The work environment can be tense because of the high level of expectation and the fear of failing. Fixed mindset leaders reward quality work but criticize poor work, putting employees under constant pressure to excel. Those with a growth mindset allow their employees time to develop the knowledge and skill necessary to succeed. They have an opportunity to grow in whatever they choose to do. Work is seen more as a challenge and less of a race against time. Since there isn’t as much pressure, more gets done in an organized and cooperative manner. Growth mindset people are always learning and trying to improve. They never see themselves as failing at anything. A challenge is simply a chance to learn something new.

Growth mindset leaders recognize the value of conflict resolution techniques like active listening and empathy to address problems and find better solutions. People learn under the right conditions. Effort and commitment maintain consistency, while the value of listening and asking questions should not be underestimated. Hard work over natural ability brings earned success. People give their best effort when they care about what they do. A growth mindset approach gives them that chance. They listen to learn and aren’t worried when somebody disagrees with them or they are given advice. With a growth mindset, you have a better chance to succeed.

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