Credibility in Business Presentations

1 min read
Jan 6, 2021 8:54:29 AM

Establishing credibility during a business presentation is essential to ensure that the expected result is achieved. There are several factors involved in establishing credibility before, during and after the business presentation. Being completely prepared is the main priority. Choose a timely topic that matters to you and your audience. Prepare an outline to keep the meeting focused. During the presentation, deliver important information based on fact and as a result of formal research. Discuss relevant opposing views to the topic and why they are refuted. The presentation should be creatively planned and implemented to maintain the interest of the audience. Present a genuine idea or topic to establish credibility, then work to maintain participation and focus. Always leave room for questions and comments.

Controlling nervousness is easier if you are prepared and know the material. Look at your audience when you are speaking to them. Focus on your breathing to get back on track during moments of indecision or confusion. Adding humor to the presentation creates a relaxed atmosphere which makes it easier to concentrate. Create an activity that involves everyone to keep them active and involved. Non-verbal acknowledgments like nodding to affirm participant comments will result in more response. Avoid crossing your arms and try leaning slightly forward when making a major point. At the conclusion, review the purpose of the meeting and take questions, then thank everyone for their time. Remember, the more prepared and confident you are, the more credible your presentation will be.