Doing the Right Thing vs. The Bottom Line

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Feb 11, 2020 12:44:30 PM

Ending poverty should be the number one objective of every inhabitant on the planet. Eight million people dying every year from poverty is unacceptable. The steps necessary to improve the situation are to increase awareness and come up with a plan. The idea of promoting sustainable development ensures long term stability, but unless every person takes responsibility to do what they can to end global poverty, it will continue to be a major concern. The question becomes, what can we as individuals do to promote globalization and economic justice for all? Doing the right thing is more important than money, but corporations that have their own interests in mind look for the most cost effective options, even if it means poor quality and economic irresponsibility.

The internet and mass communication have made it easy to have people all over the world work for much less pay and under poor conditions. Is this morally right and economically responsible? When a foreign country is experiencing economic hardship, we have an obligation to try and help. It is no different in business. Corporations should stop reducing everything to the financial bottom line and do what is ethically right. There are those who think that America cannot be the economic caretaker of the rest of the world and they are worried about our resources being depleted. A better solution is to take responsibility and do what is necessary to improve poverty across the globe. Business leaders can appoint committees to research the problem, especially in the areas where they want to maintain sustainability. Fair wages and safe working conditions are essential, as well as incentives to increase income.