The Best Employee Management Practices

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Jan 27, 2020 2:26:14 PM

Employee management practices form a significant part of human resources development function. Organizations use different approaches for staff motivation based on their objectives and available resources. The purpose is to explore the affect employee incentive programs have on organizational progress and performance. This paper is aimed at determining the differences in the outcome levels of different methods of staff personnel motivation. The management and staff are key participants, because they are directly involved in the planning and implementing of motivational programs. Manager training is crucial to developing a culture at work that is productive and pleasant.

There are several practical things employers can do to motivate their employees. Some ideas that have worked for me include monthly bonuses. Set the bar high, but set some money aside for monthly bonuses and you will see productivity increase. Employees enjoy the challenge of competing for that prize and that motivates them to do the best job possible. Remember to set reachable goals.

Don’t set the bar over everybody’s head because that will get you nowhere. Set achievable goals for your employees and make sure they understand what is necessary to reach those goals. Offer incentives for each plateau and your employees will be ready for the challenge.

Remember to show appreciation. Sometimes people just need to hear “thank you” and be acknowledged for doing a good job. So many times employees get disgruntled when they feel underappreciated and taken for granted. A little kindness could go a long way. Take the time to really talk to your employees and be willing to help. That builds trust and loyalty because soon you will have employees who actually want to come to work. Try not to be moody. A cranky boss makes for cranky employees, so it is up to you to set the tone. Be positive and that is what you will get in return. Wear a smile instead of a frown and your employees will appreciate it by doing their best. Don’t forget to reward them. Nothing motivates people more than earning something extra for the hard work they do every day. Even if it is just bringing coffee and doughnuts in on a Monday morning. Things you do that show your staff you appreciate them really help to improve their morale