Path-Goal Leadership

1 min read
Sep 9, 2019 12:52:29 PM

The path-goal leadership theory is based on the belief that a leader needs to understand their employees in order to be able to motivate them. Adapting leadership styles according to the specific employee’s need and environment is necessary in order to achieve the best results. The model for path-goal leadership includes behaviors that direct and support the employees in order to effectively reach clearly defined goals. Leaders can learn to work effectively with others if they are clear about their objectives and respect the opinions of the people who work with them. They must also understand that times change, and business philosophies must also change in order to keep pace.  Many people are resistant to change because of the unknown. It is the leader’s job to stress the need for change and not to fear it.

Leaders set the example, so the employees take their cue from them. That’s why clarity and focus are the leader’s primary responsibilities. In turn, employees should be able to contribute their ideas and be comfortable expressing them. The leader needs to establish a collaborative environment so that both leaders and employees can learn from each other. Every day cannot be seen as a competition or a contest to see who is right. If leaders show that they are accepting of ideas from others, they will then gain respect in return. Developing a team concept path-goal leadership style brings focus, clarity and cooperation to a business that is sure to be successful.

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