Never Wrong to Ask for Help

1 min read
Jan 4, 2022 9:59:20 AM

Have you ever needed help for something but were afraid to ask? You’re not alone. Many people hesitate to ask for help, whether it is at work, school or in everyday life. Some perceive it as a sign of weakness and have anxiety over the issue. There is fear that they might be seen as incapable or inept. Others are too proud to ask for help and would rather learn from their mistakes instead. In school, the peer pressure often means that students would rather sit quietly than be made fun of for answering incorrectly. At work some might not ask for help because they don’t want to lose their job. The the fear of asking for help of any kind is a problem, especially in today’s challenging world.

First, we don’t even want to talk to people for fear of Covid. If we need directions, you don’t want to ask the wrong person for help, especially with the great divide that exists in today’s world. The point is we have to get over it. It is never wrong to ask for help. It is fundamental in our society that we help our neighbor. I imagine the Pilgrims didn’t argue and gossip that much, and they did very well. Put everything else aside and lend a hand, especially in time of crisis not in spite of it. The person you help could become a life-long friend. You never know.