Exemplary Leadership Practices- Part 1

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May 8, 2020 1:08:15 PM

Exemplary leadership practices are important to ensure that you’re always prepared to be the best leader possible. They also provide concrete goals and ideas to promote success. The first practice is to always model the way. Every leader should strive to improve and be a better person. Many people don’t take the time to think about how they might be perceived by others, since you are often defined by what you say and do. It is a reminder to choose words carefully and always be considerate of others. A leader has to keep the focus on the business and the workplace. Expressing personal views about politics and other topics should be avoided. It is best to lead by example and keep an even keel. An improved self-image will help you to remain confident and in control. Challenge the process, but in a respectful way that leaves personal opinions about controversial subjects out of it.

Create a vision and find co-workers who share that vision. There is nothing worse than working with people who argue all the time and never agree on anything. You will never agree on everything, but you can be the kind of leader who supports a commitment to work together towards a common goal. Create an inspiring vision that everyone understands and then commit to that vision. Minor changes can be made, but the basic vision and principles will be constant. Then it is key to make the corporate vision clear in all hiring and employee support materials, so they will be committed to reaching the same goals. Welcome new ideas, because it will benefit the company long term if everyone has a chance to contribute. Inspire by action and develop a plan together to carry out business goals. Employees can become discouraged when their employers have unrealistic expectations especially when the necessary resources are lacking, so keep that in mind. Welcome the contributions of your co-workers and try to include them in the decision making process. That will promote teamwork and allow everyone to share in the success.