Cybersecurity a Must in the Workplace (Part 2)

1 min read
Nov 13, 2019 4:08:10 PM

The biggest cybersecurity risk that IT departments experience is when employee’s devices are lost or stolen. Many security breaches happen when devices are stolen, so it’s important that companies are implementing encryptions to make sure the device is secure against threats. A great way to make sure that employees secure their device is to ask them to use a pin code. Employees should keep their devices up to date so they are not at risk of being targeted by hackers. This includes mobile operating systems as well as apps installed on the device. Hackers use many different means to infiltrate a corporate network. Keyboard logging is a technique used by hackers to record login and password credentials. Businesses should implement one-time passwords so there is a different password every time the employee logs in. Organizations need to make modifications to the current IT infrastructure so it is compliant to standards and identify applications their employees are using to interact with corporate data. Businesses need to ensure that the data is not only protected, but also conforms to the current IT infrastructure. Testing should be carried out to identify any vulnerabilities with the current IT estate.

IT professionals are constantly looking to improve and protect corporate network systems. They are constantly working to keep up to date with the latest data security practices and advances. Although today’s world poses significant security risks, if managed properly, an effective cybersecurity program can reduce corporate costs and increase productivity while improving security. Educating employees on how to protect their devices and making they are configured in line with security policies will at least provide basic security precautions. If these recommendations are in place, employees need to be on board because their cooperation is essential in implementing a safe network security system that protects corporate interests and employee personal information. In this modern era, it is the responsibility of the employer to have the best cybersecurity system available for the safety of the organization and their employees.