Cybersecurity a Must in the Workplace (Part 1)

1 min read
Nov 13, 2019 3:54:28 PM

In this modern world with data breaches being so commonplace, it is essential that there is an effective cybersecurity system in place. A cybersecurity system performs several important functions to protect corporations and their employees from cyber attacks that compromise their personal information. A cybersecurity system will identify where the vulnerabilities are that hackers could use to infiltrate the system. A risk assessment evaluates the company security system evaluating both internal and external threats. It can confirm that your system is compliant with the current standard requirements. Analyzing the systems framework is essential to provide accurate information and discover whether human error or equipment malfunction is causing your system to be at risk.

Educating personnel is essential to prevent human error from causing a data breach. Employees can unintentionally click on a link or download an attachment that has a virus attached to it. Even bringing a phone to work can be risky, since data leakage from mobile phones and tablets is common. The problem is that trying to control how mobile phones are used at work is a daunting task. More people are texting, connecting to WiFi and downloading apps at work with no security protocol.

These vulnerabilities can be exploited by hackers to invade the system and capture private data during a breach. One of the biggest problems with mobile devices is malware installed unknowingly by the employee. If malware invades the corporate network it could be a serious problem. Employees should have updated anti-virus and firewall protection on their mobile devices which makes them less vulnerable to cyber attacks. Employers can conduct workshops to discuss these concerns with employees, so they understand that leaving your cell phone at home protects the interest of the organization. Another security challenge is how to manage the storage of corporate information on employee cell phones. Certain types of data will be accessible to everyone in the organization, so this data must be secured.  These are important considerations for an employer to seriously consider and guidelines should be provided with employee hiring materials.