3 More Tips to Encourage Productivity When There’s Stress Outside of Work

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Mar 4, 2022 12:59:31 PM

In our last blog, we discussed how world events can directly impact your team and their productivity. Although conflict can be thousands of miles away, as humans we can be overcome with emotion. For some, world events can directly impact your employees and for others, they may feel a sense of responsibility. As a leader, there are ways that you can manage the levels of stress in the workplace, while providing them with tools to encourage productivity.

Previously, we discussed using words of encouragement, office activities, and encouraging healthy behaviors as ways to keep morale up in the office. Here are 3 more tips to encourage productivity when there’s stress outside of work.

Tip Number One: Celebrating Victories

Maybe your team reached a milestone in a project timeline, or someone has recently been promoted. Victories outside of work count too! Birthdays, weddings, new parents, all victories can be celebrated and bring a team closer together.

Tip Number Two: Take a Second Look at Your Goals

Three years ago, you might have set big goal for your sales team (that might have been pushing the limits in reality, but your team is truly amazing). However, recent outside stressors have put a damper on productivity. Consider the size of goals set for your team and whether they are attainable at this time. Creating smaller goals that are more likely to be attained can have a positive impact. Reaching a goal is fun, and the feeling of success can domino into a boost in productivity.

Tip Number Three: Working Remotely (If You’re Not Already) Can Positively Impact Productivity

When Covid-19 first arrived, many offices moved to remote work. Management of these companies were skeptical, but since then, some offices have stayed remote because their employees are MORE productive at home.

Remember, these tips can be used any time!